creating-the-change-En-2016-web This publication produced by the City of Ottawa contains information that neighbourhood associations may find helpful.

Recruiting and retaining members Terry West, President of the Don Mills Residents Inc. in Toronto discusses how they have built their 1200 member association. DMRI March 2011 Newsletter

A successful fund-raiser Janice Brown, past President of Durand Neighbourhood Association Inc. in Hamilton describes the Grand Durand Garden Tour.

F.U.N. 2011 Survey Report a report on the results of our survey of the most important issues for Ontario residents associations.

How to form Community Associations suggestions by Susan Bentley, former Secretary, F.U.N.

You and the OMB tips on appearing before the OMB by William Roberts, OMB lawyer



  1. David Hurdon says:

    Your visitors might be interested in a document freely available from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, namely a Municipal Ratepayers Guide. It includes information on forming a RPA and provides advice on tactics and tools, including a brief but insightful commentary on the essential role social media now plays in RPA development and daily relevance. It is available through their website at

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