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Public Consultation: Horizon 2067 — Plan for Canada’s Capital (a release of the National Capital System)

From Conversation to Vision: Join us for a workshop on the future of the Capital, or share your ideas online

Canada’s Capital is your capital — and we’re asking you to help us plan for its future. Last fall, we collected thousands of ideas, both online and in person. Now, we need your help to bring these ideas together as part of the next steps of the plan.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us for an evening workshop, where we will take these ideas and turn them into the foundation for the vision and goals of the next Plan for Canada’s Capital. Share your hopes and aspirations for Canada’s Capital, and help us ensure that the Capital becomes an even greater place of meaning and influence, and continues to be a great place to live.

6 pm: Welcome and presentation
6:30 pm to 9 pm: Workshop

Tuesday, February 21, 2012: Canadian Museum of Civilization

Wednesday, February 22, 2012: Canadian Museum of Nature 

Please RSVP to info@ncc-ccn.ca or at 613-239-5000.

This workshop will take place in a welcoming environment that promotes dialogue and the sharing of ideas among participants. Your participation is crucial to the success of this event.

You can also contribute your thoughts and ideas online by responding to our questionnaire. The questionnaire will be available until March 16, 2012.

Spring Fundraising

RainBarrel.ca seeks community/neighbourhood partners to host profitable fundraising truckload rain barrel sales. 100% eco-friendly recycled rain barrels. Step by step promotional program maximizes profits. No financial risk, no inventory, no deliveries. We’ve partnered with over 100 non-profit groups.  Limited Spring 2012 partnerships available, register online today or contact us for more information.  Start now to benefit from our March 22nd, World Water Day media blitz.  www.RainBarrel.ca, Leah@RainBarrel.ca, 905-545-5577.

FONTRA takes position on OMB for Toronto

The Federation of North Toronto Residents’ Association (FONTRA) is supporting a motion at Toronto City Council to exclude Toronto from the jurisdiction of the OMB for most planning matters.

Read their letter: FONTRA: OMB&PlanReform.

OMB decision in Hamilton

Massive public opposition has helped block a ten-storey apartment tower at St Joseph’s Villa adjacent to the Dundas Valley environmentally significant area – but the door has been left open for a less intrusive structure. An Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) decision released Tuesday rejected the structure as too large, but approved a second tower proposed by the Catholic charity at the corner of Governors Road and Ogilvie.

The twin towers proposal was endorsed by Hamilton planning staff but ultimately rejected by city councillors in March 2010 after meetings attended by upwards of 200 residents who provided a detailed critique of the St Joseph’s project that won wide praise from councillors. Many residents attended the OMB appeal launched by St Joseph’s and provided “detailed and thorough” evidence acknowledged in the ultimate decision of OMB vice chair J de P Seaborn.

His written ruling endorses intensification and says both towers are consistent with provincial and local policies. But he decided that the tower adjacent to the ESA and overlooking Maple Grove would result in unacceptable impacts.

“The difficulty with Building A is quite simply the proposed height and scale set out in the concept plan,” he wrote. “While there are two 6 storey apartments on the site, the concept for a third apartment, as currently configured and massed, is simply too ‘tight’ for the remaining tableland on site.”

The decision agrees with the proponent that the ESA is not threatened by the tower, but notes that “the existing amenity space (which includes a community garden) for the residents of the [St Joseph’s Estates] life-lease apartments would be significantly reduced” and the tower would overview and compromise the privacy of the single-family homes on Walnut Grove and fail to “achieve a smooth transition between building heights”. However, Seaborn suggests “the Villa could proceed with a less intense project” which may not require any further city approvals. 

“The Villa may well chose to proceed in future with a different proposal, either institutional or a revised residential scheme as an ancillary use to the existing institutional uses,” says the decision. “There was evidence to suggest that under the new Urban Plan an Official Plan Amendment would not be required, depending on the scope of the project. Nothing in my decision should be relied upon to thwart a different intensification proposal.” 

Seaborn strongly endorsed building B, the commercial-residential tower to be located at Ogilvie and Governors and urged quick resolution of the traffic restrictions that have to be overcome to allow it to proceed.

“The site is not currently an amenity area. The site is close to the intersection, an appropriate location for a ten storey building and it is completely separated from any low-rise housing,” says the decision. “These improvements should be undertaken however as soon as possible given one of the very desirable attributes of the project is, in conjunction with the long term care facility, the addition of seniors housing and commercial services geared to seniors.”


FarmTech Ethanol has been trying to build an Ethanol processing plant on the shore of Lake Ontario in Oshawa for years, despite overwhelming opposition from local residents. The proposed site is known as Gifford Hill, an historic farm that dates back to the first European settlers in the area. The land has been part of a dispute between the City of Oshawa and the federal government that was only recently resolved with the signing of an agreement in July 2010. It currently acts as a buffer between the Oshawa Harbour and Second Marsh, the largest remaining urban wetland on Lake Ontario between the Niagara Peninsula and Presqu’ile Provincial Park. FarmTech requires a number of approvals and permits before it can proceed with building an ethanol plant on Gifford Hill. These include a federal environmental assessment [EA], triggered because FarmTech has requested funding from Agricultural and Agri-Food Canada’s ecoAgriculture Biofuels Capital Initiative. The federal government has just released the Screening Report, a document produced by FarmTech to support their application. It outlines the proposed project and includes a survey of potential environmental impacts.

Comments from the public on the Screening Report or supporting documents are due on July 28th, 2011. You can submit comments to: FarmTech Energy Corporation Environmental Assessment c/o ecoAgriculture Biofuels Capital Initiative Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 1341 Baseline Road, Tower 7, 7th Floor Ottawa, ON K1A 0C5 ecoABC@agr.gc.ca http://www.waterkeeper.ca/2011/06/24/farmtech-ethanol-oshawa-now-undergoing-screening/

Dr. Barry Wellar to speak at Sustainable Community Summit

 F.U.N. Policy and Research Advisor, Dr. Barry Wellar, is presenting Transportation: Inspiring a Sustainability Action Agenda.  The presentation can be viewed by clicking here.

WHEN:  9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. , May 14, 2011

WHERE: Albert Street Educatuion Centre, 440 Albert St., Ottawa

TO REGISTER: 613-722-6414 or email ynaqvi.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org

The Summit is organized by Yahsir Naqvi, Ottawa Centre MPP. For more information click here.

POST CONFERENCE NOTE: a video of Dr. Wellar’s presentation can be viewed at:



From Sunday, May 15 to Tuesday, May 17, the Town and Gown Association of Ontario, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the Corporation of the City of Cambridge, Waterloo Architecture and the University of Waterloo will be hosting the Town & Gown, CMHC Symposium,” that will encourage conversation among representatives from Ontario post-secondary institutions and their host cities.

This year’s theme is “Share vision. Support change. Celebrate community”; with a line-up of award-winning speakers; students, practitioners and academics, working in the field of community planning and design.

For details: Flyer and Agenda or go to:



The massive open pit mine is being proposed for the middle of the Melancthon potato country northwest of Toronto. Come to the public meeting to see what is being considered and how you can help protect the Province.

Tues. April 12, 7 p.m., Hornings Mills  
For more information on this, visit the CAUSE website www.citizensalliance.ca  RSVP to Carol Ellis at 416-360-2094 or cellis@northwatercapital.com  or join the facebook site Stop the Quarry for updates or visit www.ndact.com 


The Stop Heart Lake Highrises group is organizing a rally On March 28 at 1pm at Queen’s Park to protest the OMB.



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    Thank you for posting this. Look forward to seeing you all at Queens Park. Let our voice be heard!! We have to make serious changes to the OMB!!

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